Decision Circuits Journal Club

We're discussing recent papers in systems neuroscience with a focus on quantitative behavior, cortical dynamics, cell-types, and neuromodulation.

We meet bi-weekly on Monday at 9.30am on Campus Nord (between Luisenstraße and Philippstraße).

If you'd like to join the discussion please let Antonio know and we'll add you to our e-mail reminders with details on upcoming dates (about one e-mail per meeting/week).


  • Quick round of summaries of recently encountered papers:
  • Intro of the presented paper’s authors (first, last, or in between) and how this relates to past authors and topics
  • OR: intro of guest speaker
08.07.20249:30 amLilly von KalckreuthNishio, M., Kondo, M. et al. Medial prefrontal cortex suppresses reward-seeking behavior with risk of punishment by reducing sensitivity to reward. Sec. Decision Neuroscience 18 (2024).
27.05.20249:30 amAntonio Leede Jong, J.W., Liang, Y., Verharen, J.P.H. et al. State and rate-of-change encoding in parallel mesoaccumbal dopamine pathways. Nat Neurosci 27, 309–318 (2024).
06.05.20249:30 amVictoria VegaLuo, Q., Kanen, J.W., Bari, A. et al. Comparable roles for serotonin in rats and humans for computations underlying flexible decision-making. Neuropsychopharmacol. 49, 600–608 (2024).
22.04.20249.30 amEric LonerganDavid Martin, Angel Delgado, Donna Calu The psychedelic, DOI, increases dopamine release in nucleus accumbens to predictable rewards and reward cues
03.04.20244 pmAntonio LeeBlanco-Pozo, M., Akam, T. & Walton, M.E. Dopamine-independent effect of rewards on choices through hidden-state inference. Nat Neurosci 27, 286–297 (2024).
20.03.20244 pmClaire SturgillSchneider, S., Lee, J.H. & Mathis, M.W. Learnable latent embeddings for joint behavioural and neural analysis. Nature 617, 360–368 (2023). paper
21.02.20244 pmLuna StrauchBernklau, T.W., Righetti, B., Mehrke, L.S. et al. Striatal dopamine signals reflect perceived cue–action–outcome associations in mice. Nat Neurosci (2024).
31.01.20244 pmDariya KassybayevaGupta, D., DePasquale, B., Kopec, C.D. et al. Trial-history biases in evidence accumulation can give rise to apparent lapses in decision-making. Nat Commun 15, 662 (2024).
17.01.20244 pmVictoria VegaHattori, R., Hedrick, N.G., Jain, A. et al. Meta-reinforcement learning via orbitofrontal cortex. Nat Neurosci 26, 2182–2191 (2023).
29.11.20234 pmEric LonerganRahbarnia…Flechter (2023). Effects of psilocybin, the 5-HT2A receptor agonist TCB-2, and the 5-HT2A receptor antagonist M100907 on visual attention in male mice in the continuous performance test
15.11.20234 pmLilly von KalckreuthMusall…Churchland (2023). Pyramidal cell types drive functionally distinct cortical activity patterns during decision-making
01.11.20234 pmJérémie Sibille (AG Kremkow)Sibille…Kremkow (2022). Efficient mapping of the thalamocortical monosynaptic connectivity in vivo by tangential insertions of high-density electrodes in cortex
18.10.20234 pmNina GrimmeHill…Schultz(2023). Dopamine signals encode internally determined subjective value regardless of externally indicated reward attributes
04.10.20234pmGreg KnollGore…Deisseroth (2023). Orbitofrontal cortex control of striatum leads economic decision-making information in the OFC is relayed to the DMS to lead accurate economic decision-making
20.09.20234pmAntonio LeeGrove…Knight (2023). Dopamine subsystems that track internal states. Nature dopamine neurons in the VTA respond to ‘internal states’ tracking hydration and nutrition
14.09.20239.30amDariya KassybayevaYun…Parker (2023). Antipsychotic drug efficacy correlates with the modulation of D1 rather than D2 receptor-expressing striatal projection neurons paper uses the novel hallucination-like perception task (cf Schmack et al, Science) to study striatal circuits for psychosis and antipsychotics.
07.09.20239.30amGreg KnollSohn … Jazayeri (2019). Bayesian Computation through Cortical Latent Dynamics. Neuron states in primate PFC encode both the prior and temporal estimate to guide behavior
15.06.20239.30amVictoria VegaShen..Glimcher (2023). Flexible control of representational dynamics in a disinhibition-based model of decision making. eLife neural network model that includes both inhibitory and disinhibitory cell types reproduces decision-making features
25.05.20239.30amEric LonerganVargas..Olson (2023). Psychedelics promote neuroplasticity through the activation of intracellular 5-HT2A receptors. Science unfolder their neuroplastic effects not via regular membrane-bound 5HT2A receptors, but by going into the cell
20.04.20239.30amEricTorrado Pacheco … Moghaddam (2023). Acute psilocybin enhances cognitive flexibility in rats. Neurophsychopharmacology changes reversal learning in a 2A dependent way
13.04.20239.30amLillyHyun..Kwon (2023). Serotonin in the orbitofrontal cortex enhances cognitive flexibility. BioRxiv specifically in OFC changes speed of reversal learning
23.03.20239.30amVictoriaAklan…Atasoy (2023). Dorsal raphe serotonergic neurons suppress feeding through redundant forebrain circuits. Molecular Metabolism dorsal raphe 5HT neurons suppress feeding (to LH and BNST)
16.02.20239.30amVictoriaDiehl,Redish (2023). Differential processing of decision information in subregions of rodent medial prefrontal cortex. eLife subregion coding of decision variables during economic decisions
09.02.20239.30amGregPandarinath…Susillo (2018). Inferring single-trial neural population dynamics using sequential auto-encoders. Nature Methods method to model single-trial spike trains using RNN-based autoencoders.
02.02.20239.30amEricPomrenze … Malenka (2022). Modulation of 5-HT release by dynorphin mediates social deficits during opioid withdrawal. Neuron in the striatum is important for social deficits related to addiction
26.01.20239.30amLillyPaquelet … Miller (2022). Single-cell activity and network properties of dorsal raphe nucleus serotonin neurons during emotionally salient behaviors. Neuron subpopulation of dorsal raphe 5HT neurons (grouped by projection) are differentially sensitive to reward/social/shock/anxiety cues
12.01.20239.30amVictoriaJeong … Namboodiri (2022). Mesolimbic dopamine release conveys causal associations. Science novel, causal framework and model for association learning (as opposed to RL)
9.30amAntonioKlein-Fluegge, … Rushworth (2022). Medial and orbital frontal cortex in decision-making and flexible behavior. Neuron and choice coding along OFC regions
20.10.20229.30amGregSylwestrak…Sussillo, Deisseroth (2022) Cell-type-specific population dynamics of diverse reward computations. Cell groups of neurons in the habenula encode reward prediction, outcome, and history and are modelled with cell-type LFADS

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